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Teamwork – Key to APC Success

On 13 November 2015 the pre-release information will be made available, and you will have five days to pour over the details and conduct further research. What you get out of those five days is crucial to your success in the APC. Being part of a team means that you get to test out your ideas, find out how others have interpreted the information and, most importantly, compare notes on what issues require further research. It is our firm view that, because of all of these benefits, you need to work in a team. Your experience of teamwork during undergraduate studies might be summed up in the graphic below:

What Projects Are Supposed to Teach You - Small


What Projects Taught Me - Small


It is no fun being part of a team where people let you down and slackers get the same mark as those that actually did all the work. That is why we will not force you into a team – you can choose who you want to work with. We require the submission of a group case study early on in our professional programme because we want you to start practicing working together early in the year. Our suggestion is that even now you get in contact with people that you would like to work with and start to make plans. If they haven’t yet made their decision to join the UCT Board Course you can encourage them to do so – our 94% pass rate will help you make your case! A success story comes from a team in Durban that posted two pictures on Twitter – the first was on 17 November 2014, two days before writing the APC:

Marc Williams Exam Prep
Prepared and ready to tackle the SAICA APC 2014 Exam

Look at all their hard work collected up on the table – they took those 8cm files into the APC with them and then had to wait an agonising 100 days before results were released on 27 February 2015:

Marc Williams Twitter Pass
Passed and now qualified CA(SA)’s!

How inspiring! Marc had the courage to film results day, check out his awesome video. That is just one team that has much to celebrate – add your name to the list in 2015!


The UCT Board Course Team


UCT Board Course Team on Jameson Stairs on UCT Campus in Cape Town
The UCT Board Course Team at UCT Upper Campus


Article by Paul Maughan – Images here and video courtesy of Marc Williams