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Repeating the APC in 2015?

There are over 300 students that will be writing the APC again in 2015. UCT Board Course would like

to see every one of them succeed!


It is our firm view that completing a professional programme is the best option. The more practice

you get writing case studies and working in teams, the better. We are also keen to look at the

feedback that SAICA provides from 2014 so that we can identify opportunities for improvement.


You do not need to complete a professional programme as you could borrow notes from friends

and try again in 2015. It’s important to remember though that the next time you write an exam is always your

best chance of passing. The better prepared you are, the most likely you are to succeed.


Either way, we would love to work with you as you choose to bounce back and finish what

you started. 2015 is your year for success!


Please get in touch with us on if you have any further questions.


Article by Paul Maughan