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Re-writing the ITC? We can help!

There are over 500 students that will be writing the ITC again in 2015 and UCT Board Course would like to see every one of them succeed!


We understand that re-writing the exam can be daunting. But it doesn’t need to be. We offer a refresher course for ITC, called the ITC Boost Course, starting on 4 May 2015. We offer a detailed review and analysis of your January 2015 ITC script, to help you understand where to focus your efforts; proactive personalised support with the help of a dedicated course coach and great flexibility as our virtual learning environment (VLE) allows you to study anytime, anywhere.


With our pass rate of 85% for the ITC results in March (9% higher than the national average of 76%), we are confident that upon completion of the ITC Boost course, your efforts in the June exam will result in success!



If you have any questions, please email us on Registrations are open, we look forward to working with you in preparation for the ITC exam in June.