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New exam. New model.

PaulArticle written by Paul Maughan.

The final board exam has had a facelift. Watch this video for a comprehensive explanation of the changes.

This article is not going to repeat what the new exam is all about but is rather going to focus on the new model that we have designed.

The emphasis SAICA is placing on the “real world” is excellent and is going to equip students to take leadership in key business areas. This emphasis requires lecturers that have experience outside of the classroom and as such we are leaning heavily on the expertise of our team members that sit on the boards of listed companies. Prof Alex Watson for example is on the board of two JSE listed companies and the experience she has gained over many years of involvement is invaluable.

Members of our team are also the judges in a leading integrated reporting study that looks at the Top 100 JSE listed companies integrated reports and classifies them according to the quality of their disclosure. In this annual survey, members of our team are combing over the details of “real world” companies regularly and in doing so are accruing excellent awareness of the major issues facing companies in South Africa.

Finally, we have also adapted the curriculum at undergraduate level to prepare our students for this change of emphasis. UCT has introduced a new course, Business Analysis and Governance (BAG), the first of its kind in South Africa (for more information watch video). This has effectively given us two years to teach students how to engage with the “real world”.

How does that translate into the blended learning model we have chosen? We want to make all of these experts available to you at the click of a mouse. Although it’s not possible to gain all of the important insights you require from one lecturer, a team of experts would be more effective. These experts are downloadable in short videos, available on the discussion forum regularly and kept very busy marking your submissions and giving you personalised feedback (which is so important when there are no marks to guide you!). As a new exam, it needs a new model to best prepare you.

This exam will be different to anything you have ever written. It will require a new set of skills that we are excited to equip you with on the APC professional programme.

P.S. Have you noticed that we start in March? Why wait any longer to prepare for the biggest exam of your life?