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The journey from student to CA (SA) – Professor Alex Watson

AlexProfessor Alex Watson is the Teaching and Learning coordinator for the UCT College of Accounting and the Educational Co-ordinator of the Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting (CTA-equivalent). In addition, she is the editor of a number of Financial Reporting textbooks, used from first year to professional level.

Having been a lecturer for over thirty years, Professor Watson has devoted her career to being an academic, but did you know that she actually started her studies in the Engineering Faculty before she explored the field of Accounting? She later graduated from the UCT Faculty of Commerce in the early 80’s as an Article Clerk where she entered the Accounting profession – a profession virtually unknown to woman at the time.

Watch the video below as Professor Watson takes us on her journey from student to CA (SA). Discover how the curriculum has changed over the years and why the class of 2013 gave her a standing ovation after the final Accounting lecture for the year.


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