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ITC Preparatory Course | Changes to lecture programme and structure

The UCT Board Course ITC Preparatory Course, consisting of a four-hour lecture in each of the four core ICT subjects, was originally scheduled to happen on the 28th of November 2016 in various cities across South Africa.

However, as result of the delayed start to university examinations throughout South Africa, our 2016/2017 ITC Preparatory Course lecture programme will take on a different form of delivery. It will now be offered following a blended learning approach.


What does this changed lecture programme look like?

  • A two-hour introductory lecture will be taking place in various cities across South Africa. This lecture will:

    • introduce candidates to the ITC;

    • provide candidates with guidance on how to prepare for the ITC; and

    • offer support on how to achieve success in the January 2017 ITC.

  • The four-hour contact lecture for each of the four core subjects (Financial Reporting, Management Accounting & Finance, Auditing & Governance and Taxation) will be pre-recorded and made available to candidates on CD and online through our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). This includes:

    • sixteen-hours of recorded lecture content which will be made available to candidates;

    • recordings of lectures which will allow candidates flexibility and accessibility, to work where and when they want to;

    • lecture content focused on fundamental principles, issues and techniques related to work that candidates need to complete between the commencement of the course in early January 2017; and

    • recordings of lecture content which incorporates and builds on the success of our website.


What will you still have access to?

  • Sixteen hours of recorded tutorial sessions

    • These are available online through our unique VLE.

    • Group tutorial sessions have always been an integral part of the teaching strategy of UCT and these recorded tutorial sessions will:

      • allow for guidance and structure to be given to candidates on how to approach ITC type of questions, including analysing the Required.

      • enable the identification of any learning problems in tutorial questions.

      • encourage issues to be discussed in greater detail beyond the four-hour contact lecture.

  • Comprehensive course notes
    • The notes have been structured to focus on a syllabus overview of the core SAICA subjects; critical points; common pitfalls and problem areas; as well as exam techniques.
    • Course notes will be handed out at the introductory lecture.
  • Comprehensive and balanced tutorial questions

    • The tutorial pack has as wide a coverage as possible and focuses on the type of questions asked in the ITC.

    • This will ensure that candidates have the maximum amount of time possible to practise exam techniques on ITC-type questions.

    • Candidates can expect tutorial questions of at least 200 marks per study day.

    • Tutorials are ranked from easy to difficult. This allows candidates to appropriately assess their understanding.

    • The ITC-type questions will include annotations and pitfalls which highlight areas within tests or examinations that students often experience difficulty with.

  • Academic support

    • The course presenter for each topic will provide academic support through email, telephone and our online discussion forums for the duration of the course.

  • Self-evaluated simulated ITC exams

    • The four simulated ITC papers (of 2.5 hours each) should be written in January 2017 as a “Mock ITC”, approximately three weeks before the actual ITC.

    • The “Mock ITC” acts as a dress rehearsal which will acclimatise candidates to the rigours of the four ITC papers.

  • Feedback on the simulated ITC exams

    • Feedback will be provided via our VLE.

  • A designated Course Coach will also be available on email and telephone to provide administrative support.

  • Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

    • Our VLE is an interactive website which serves as a communication tool between course presenters and candidates.

    • Queries may be submitted via the discussion forum on the VLE.

    • The VLE acts as a tool which the course presenters use to communicate with students through announcement emails and downloads of additional information.


The ITC exam, written over two days, is a 400-mark examination that will cover the depth and breadth of your four or five years at university. It is impossible to re-lecture the entire SAICA examinable pronouncements. We believe that this change to the course lecture design, methodology and approach is the best way forward for candidates.


After a long and hard year where numerous hours were spent either in lecture theatres or doing tutorial questions, the last thing we want is to keep you in a lecture theatre longer than necessary.


At the UCT Board Course we’ve designed a tailor made ITC Preparatory Course to get you exam ready and fit to ensure your success in the ITC exam. We would like to journey with you to your success in March 2017.


Riyaan Mabutha

ITC Preparatory Course – Programme Director