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ITC January 2017 – The Road to Success

Dear Candidates

This weekend the 2016 Rio Olympic games comes to a close. The past two weeks has seen has entertained and amazed at the talent and exceptional brilliance of the human spirit – championed in the grit, determination and resilience displayed by the athletes in Rio. No doubt that we have been enthralled by the exploits of our great South African sportsmen and women too. Team SA has done SA proud and we still have our Caster running in the 800m final on Sunday morning.

For many of the world’s greatest sportsmen and women, these Olympic games has been the culmination of 4 years of preparation, long hours of training, hard work, sacrifice and perseverance.

Many of the athletes to 31st Olympiad arrived in Rio having spent much of the past 4 years in training. Many will leave and will soon begin their training regimes once again preparing for the Tokoyo games.

Why go through this? Why subject themselves to the pain and agony? Quite simply, all these athletes have set their sights on being champions. Rio was an opportunity for them to realise their dreams and aspiration. The Olympic Gold Medalist Jesse Owens perfectly personifies that ‘We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.’

Like these athletes January 2017 and ITC 2017 will be the culmination of your four or five years of preparation. You have spent the past four or five years at University, being prepared for that moment.

The years at university. This year, in CTA/PGDA/Honours, which is more of endurance race, which never seems to come to an end, is the qualification rounds. You have put in the long hours, the hard work and sacrificed so much. So January 2017 is the time to cross that first hurdle on the pathway to realizing your dream of becoming a CA(SA).

At the UCT Board Course our team of experts has spent the past few months, working hard and building on the success of our previous courses, putting together a preparatory course to prepare candidates for the ITC in January 2017. With a programme that yielded 5 out of Top 10 in the January 2016 ITC and a pass rate exceeding the national average, our ITC Preparatory Course is perfectly suited and designed to yield success for candidates.

Like the detailed training schedules which so many of the athletes have used preparing for the Rio games, our ITC Preparatory Course, has been designed to work with candidates to generate a Master Plan for Success in the ITC.

Our methodology backed by a high degree of personal service designed to identify weaknesses and encourage participants to work at rectifying them. With Course support is offered through a large volume of course notes and tutorials questions, contact sessions and simulated exams.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be exploring what makes our ITC Preparatory Course successful. We’ll also be making some of course notes, tutorial questions, lecture videos and tutorial videos available to you to you for use in your CTA/PGDA/Honours this year.

Like so many of the successful coaches at this years Olympic games, who have seen their athletes finish at the top of the podium. We would like to journey with you to your success in March 2017.For more information visit our website, download the Info Pack and register for the ITC Preparatory Course.