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Congratulations to Hellen Kgosana

Hellen - Thiland Winner

This week we shared some exciting news with Hellen Kgosana who prepared for SAICA’s ITC exam with UCT Board Course. Hellen obtained her CTA via UNISA, which is no easy feat given that she worked full time and studied part time. She wrote the ITC exam for the first time in January and passed. When asked about her achievement she said she studied really, really hard, so we are extremely happy to send Hellen on a well-deserved break to Phuket, Thailand for five nights.

What made you choose to follow the path of a CA (SA)?

It first started in primary school when I saw my brother’s accounting books (full of unusual and fascinating blocks) and was intrigued by the uniqueness of accounting as a subject.

When I grew up and went to high school, I did some research and realised that there was lack of Chartered Accountants in SA. So I said to myself, “I am going to be among those who increase the number of CAs in South Africa”.
You studied through UNISA; what has the experience been like?

It has been hectic, as I was studying part time and working, but I had to push as hard as I could to achieve my career goals.
You passed SAICA’s ITC exam on your first attempt – Congratulations! This is an amazing achievement. Do you feel that you benefited by preparing for this exam with the UCT Board Course?

Most definitely! I picked up on so many points during the UCT Board Course that helped me in my ITC exam preparation and ultimately on the day I wrote the exam.
What did you enjoy most about the course?

I enjoyed the lectures to such an extent that I even wished I had done CTA through UCT – the lectures were brilliant!
Where were you when you received your results?

I was in a car, on my way to Limpopo.
Who will you be taking with you to Thailand?

I will definitely be taking my husband.
Name three things that you definitely won’t leave behind.

Ok! I can’t go without my cell phone, my handbag (every woman’s friend), and my cosmetic bag (with everything in it!).
What advice do you have for candidates preparing for ITC 2015?

My advice is that if you prepare well enough during the year and pass your CTA exams, then your ITC is already in the bag. All you need is a little bit of polishing here and there.