APC Professional Programme

Registrations are OPEN. This Programme runs from 03 April 2017 to 13 September 2017

The next SAICA Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) will be written in November 2017.

The APC will test Candidates’ ability to utilise an integrated approach towards solving business issues. UCT Board Course has developed a Professional Programme that thoroughly prepares you on what to expect during the exam, and also provides you with skills that you will be able to apply during the rest of your career.

Throughout this Programme, Candidates will receive expert advice, feedback and guidance, which will assist them in applying what is being learnt, not only during the writing of the APC but also as well-rounded business professionals once qualified as CA(SA)s.

Programme Objectives

  • To prepare Candidates in the overarching principles that can be applied to a variety of business formats;
  • To convey the specifics involved with writing the exam
  • To ensure a Candidate’s ability to apply the strategic and managerial aspects of the broader accountancy discipline;
  • To develop Candidates’ professional competence;
  • To train the application of pervasive skills; and
  • To teach Candidates’ how to integrate and apply knowledge and skills.
Trainee Accountants’ and Employer Benefits
  • Access to Academic specialists, for every Candidate, wherever they are
  • Delivered online for maximum real-time engagement with Academics and Peers
  • Ability to re-watch videos at leisure
  • Online forums allowing all Candidates to benefit from questions posted by individuals, to contribute to or debate in a discussion
  • Relief of time pressures presented by traffic, late-evening lectures and limited study-leave while on audits
  • Minimal disruption to working hours
  • Detailed progress reports
Important dates

Registrations open 9 January 2017.
Registrations close 31 March 2017.


19 weeks (excluding breaks) in a blended learning format (contact sessions and online learning), available throughout South Africa.

Course requirements

In order to participate in this course, Candidates will need to:

  • Have current email account;
  • Have acess to a computer and the internet;
  • Be able to download and watch videos;
  • Be able to open and read PDF documents;
  • Be able to create documents in Microsoft Word; and
  • Read and write in the English language.

Any course requirements that are for assessment purposes can be completed in English or Afrikaans.


R10,900 by 30 April 2017

R11,500, paid as follows:

  • 1st payment: R3,850 by 30 April 2017
  • 2nd payment: R3,850 by 30 June 2017
  • 3rd payment: R3,800 by 31 August 2017