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APC 2016 Weekly Update – Part 2


This past week has been a volatile one for the Rand. This is becoming increasingly the case. The Rand is one of the most traded currencies in the world (18th according to one survey) and acts as a proxy for emerging markets. If you think that you understand the Rand movements, my advice would be to think again! In the short-term there are too many factors at play to predict movements accurately but over the long-term countries with strong economies, stable politics and low inflation will see their currency strengthening.

My view is that the Rand is undervalued – from a purchasing power perspective it makes sense to divide by 10 against the US$ for instance. That doesn’t mean it will strengthen any time soon though. An interesting titbit is that many asset managers are having to sell offshore investments and bring funds back into SA due to the rapid weakening on the Rand. Many funds are mandated to only hold 15% of their portfolio offshore so they have no option (even though I suspect many would love to keep it offshore!).

Something that may be of interest is that some countries (China, and to a lesser extent, Japan), are accused of deliberately weakening their currencies in order to boost their economy through improved exports. To better understand this approach, this animated rap video might be helpful. This also might partially explain why Germany benefits from remaining within the Euro, despite the poor economic performance of the region; it makes German products much cheaper to buy than would be the case if they were priced in a German currency.



Getting Things Done by David Allen

This book is the one that introduced me to the personal productivity methods of successful professionals. It gets you thinking about the “big picture” of your life but also drills down into the nitty gritty details like how best to handle emails, organise “To-do” lists, projects, etc. There is now a large GTD community on the web so a quick search will reveal book summaries, videos and images.



As a lecturer, I do a lot of presentations. As a professional, this will no doubt also be required of you, especially as you grow in leadership profile. I recommend taking some time to listen to this excellent podcast from Joel Weldon, the first part is a talk entitled “Elephants don’t bite” but the really great part is the second talk entitled “Getting everyone on the bus”, in which he reveals all the methods he used in the presentation you just listened to.



We have seen our registrations jump this past week – to well over where we were this time in 2015! I think word is getting out about our 94% pass rate! With the results being delayed, the good news is that you can register for our APC Professional Programme, attend our first lecture and then de-register if the results released on 18 March are not what you expected. We start a month earlier so this won’t interfere with any other programme you might want to explore.


Have a great weekend and week ahead,