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How to answer discussion questions – Taxation

ShaunAs you approach your final exams, have you given as much thought to your exam technique as you have to revising your content?

Honing your exam technique by knowing exactly how to answer specific questions is key. Discussion questions continue to feature prominently in both the SAICA ITC and in university examinations, yet students routinely score lower in these questions than they do in calculation-based questions.

Good planning is key to success in a discussion question. In this video, recorded as part of the UCT Board Courses ITC 2014/2015 online content, we show you how to plan and structure your answer to a discussion question. Using the ITC 2013 question “Arnod Properties” as our example, we also highlight some useful tips on how to score some easy marks that students often miss out on.

If you would like to view this question in its original context download Question 1 of SAICA ITC January 2013.