APC Professional Programme

If you are a Repeat Trainee and still wish to register for our programme, please contact us directly on info@uctboardcourse.co.za
Our pass rate has exceeded both 90% and the national average in every year of the SAICA APC


Welcome from the Head of the College of Accounting

As Head of the College of Accounting at UCT, I am delighted to welcome you to our UCT APC

Professional Programme. Our programme embodies the vision of the College of Accounting which is 'to

be a centre of excellence in professional accounting education':

  1. The pass rates of our candidates exceeded the national average pass rate in the SAICA APC examinations in 2014 and 2015.
  2. The programme is innovative, dynamic, engaging and develops the professional and leadership skills of candidates.
  3. Our team of experienced academics understands the magnitude of the task ahead and is committed to the learning, development and success of our candidates.

I am confident that we will prepare you well for the SAICA APC examination in November 2017 and also equip you to make a meaningful contribution to the accounting profession and society.

Prof. Goolam Modack

Head - College of Accounting



Important dates

Registrations open 9 January 2017.
Registrations close 10 April 2017.


19 weeks (excluding breaks) in a blended learning format (contact sessions and online learning), available throughout South Africa.

Course requirements

In order to participate in this course, Candidates will need to:

  • Have current email account;
  • Have acess to a computer and the internet;
  • Be able to download and watch videos;
  • Be able to open and read PDF documents;
  • Be able to create documents in Microsoft Word; and
  • Read and write in the English language.

Any course requirements that are for assessment purposes can be completed in English or Afrikaans.

Benefits of this unique online learning programme

Experience & Quality
  • Our educational model is specifically designed for SAICA's new exam format
  • Fully SAICA accredited
  • Team of experienced UCT College of Accounting Lecturers
Flexible Learning Hours
  • Best suited study method for your busy schedule
  • Avoid traffic & lecture halls. Create your own perfect time for study
  • Take studying material with you, on any smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Study when it suits you!
Online Learning & Support
  • Support from peers studying the same material
  • Post questions to experts and discuss topics through an interactive discussion forum
  • Access to a Course Coach, for any administrative queries

Past Trainee Accountants' Testimonials


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Our team blends academic excellence with deep industry experience

  • Professor Alex Watson is the Teaching and Learning coordinator for the College of Accounting, and the educational co-ordinator of the Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting (CTA-equivalent).

    Professor Alex Watson

  • Shaun has convened our APC programme since it was introduced in 2014. Shaun is an associate professor and section head of Taxation.

    Shaun Parsons

  • Paul is a senior lecturer and section head of Managerial Accounting and Finance, as well as lecturing on UCT’s MBA Programme.

    Paul Maughan

  • Goolam is the Head of the College of Accounting. He teaches both undergraduate and postgraduate Financial Reporting. Goolam has served as a Team Leader in the SAICA APC marking process.

    Goolam Modack

  • Taryn is a senior lecturer in Financial Reporting and teaches at a final-year undergraduate and postgraduate level. She is the convener of Financial Reporting III and section head of Financial Reporting.

    Taryn Miller

  • Michael lectures Corporate Governance at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and currently convenes Corporate Governance III. Michael is currently enrolled for a PhD in Auditing.

    Michael Harber

  • Richard joined the College of Accounting, where he convenes the Business Analysis & Governance final year capstone course. Richard is currently completing his Masters in Financial Management.

    Richard Mellon

  • Jacqui is a lecturer in the Management Accounting & Finance section at the College of Accounting and teaches at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Jacqui is currently completing her Masters in Financial Management.

    Jacqui de Villiers

  • Riyaan is a lecturer in Taxation at the UCT College of Accounting, and lectures at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. He is also the project director of UCT’s ITC Preparation Programme.

    Riyaan Mabutha (APC Marker)

  • Riley is a senior lecturer in Taxation and has lectured at all levels within the College. Riley has served as an Assistant Team Leader in the SAICA APC marking process.

    Riley Carpenter (APC Marker)

  • Tumi is a lecturer in the Financial Reporting section at the College of Accounting and teaches at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Tumi was an academic trainee at Wits and completed her articles with Deloitte, Johannesburg.

    Tumi Qheya